Virtual Staging1

Virtual Staging - Dressing An Empty Room!

Roll over the images with your mouse to see the difference between an empty and a virtual staged room.

Empty rooms can sometimes fail to captivate the viewer on screen. Virtual furniture allows them to imagine how they might live in the space. It helps maintain an interest in the property which it is hoped will then lead to an open inspection visit. Not every room in an empty house would require staging, just key spaces.

The standard staging service is supplied at $75 per image.


Virtual Staging2


The budget staging service is supplied at $40 per image




Room Decluttering

Roll over the image with your mouse to see how much better the room looks without the clutter.

At times, particularly with tenants, the occupiers possessions can clutter up a room. The image may then fail to grab the attention of the viewer and they are lost as potential buyers or renters. Post processing room de-cluttering can assist in improving the look of the space and help keep the viewer interested.


The room decluttering service is supplied at $25 per image. Basic item decluttering can be carried out at a reduced price of $10 per image.

All prices shown are fully discounted however a 50% off trail is available once per real estate agency or property management business office until 30/08/2016.  Quote:VSC1