Residential standard real estate photography base packages starting from $100

All our services are listed below and start with a base package to which you can add additional services to tailor the marketing to satisfy your specific requirements. For example:

A 12 shot photography package with a single storey floor plan is only $235.

Photographic Base Packages

It has long been established that great real estate photography helps to generate interest and drive footfall, in turn, improving your chances of a quicker and more profitable sale or rental. Interior View packages are based around volume of shots so you dont have to pay for extra's you do not want or need. The base View 6 package starts at $100 for up to 6 images.

View 6 Package - $100

A maximum of 6 digital images

Ideal for showcasing units & smaller homes for sale with up to 2 bedrooms

A shooting time of 30 mins is allocated

View 12 Package - $130

A maximum of 12 digital images

The View 12 package is Ideal for showcasing properties of 3 or 4 bedrooms

A shooting time of 60 mins is allocated

View 18 Package - $155

A maximum of 18 digital images

Ideal for showcasing larger properties with 4 or more bedrooms

A shooting time of 90 mins is allocated

Residential Floor Plans

Floor plans are generally accepted as the norm by most buyers adding more information and value to a campaign. Our residential floor plans are created in colour with room and interior sizes added. Prices include all structural items and do not include furniture icons. All plans are an approximation and should be utilised as a guide and not taken as being 100% accurate.

Residential Floor Plan Reproduction

2D colour floorplan image From existing plans or drawings & not to scale

Single Storey Home       -  $65
Double Storey  Home     - $75


Residential Measured Floor Plans

2D colour floorplans with room & internal sizes displayed

Single Storey Home    -   $105
Double Storey Home  -   $115

Basic Residential Site Plan - £25

Add a site plan highlighting the garden on the plot in relation to the home, in colour



Floor plan prices are for properties up to and including a maximum 500 sqm or 5 bedrooms. Quotes for homes larger than 500 sqm or with more than 5 bedrooms can be provided upon request. Site plans for homes with acerage or plots considerably greater than 1000 sqm can also be supplied upon request.

Additional Photographic Services

Add additional photographic services to your base package and showcase the exterior view of your property. Fully CASA licensed drones provide striking and unique viewpoints at the perfect altitude to show of the property in context with its surroundings. Similarly a ground based elevated view can improve the look of that valuable exterior shot. In addition, why not captivate and entice the viewer with a beautiful twilight exterior image. These services allow your property to stand out and help to generate increased levels of interest.

Aerial Photography - $200

3 Aerial photographs

CASA Licensed drones available in unrestricted area's only

Elevated Exterior - $40

1 Daytime pole elevated image

Additional  surcharge of $40 applies if ordered as a stand alone service

Basic Twilight Exterior - $40

1 Sunset or sunrise exterior image

Additional surcharge of $40 applies if ordered as a stand alone service








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The total price is shown and there is no addtional GST to be added. rices include 48 hour delivery from the end of the shoot unless otherwise stated. All bookings are subject to Interior View Photography's  terms and conditions and a 14 day payment term applies from the date of invoice. A late payment fee may be charged or the licience to use the images and materials suplied revoked if payment is late..