Exposure & Sky Replacement

Exposure Fusion

Exposure Fusion - A Lighting Technique

Roll over the image with your mouse to see the difference Exposure Fusion makes when compared to an 'average' exposure.

An average exposure is neither under nor over exposed according to your camera's internal meter and is the type of result gained when shooting with the camera's automatic setting.

The Exposure Fusion techique allows for the capture of extremly bright highlights and deep dark shadows in a single image. Modern digital cameras only capture a part of this wide highlight to shadow range. The Exposure fusion image on the right shows a 'normal' exposure when the cursor is placed over it. This normal exposure compensates for the bright highlights in the window leaving the interior dark and detail reduced.

The Exposure Fusion process works by taking several photographs of the same scene at different exposures. The resulting images are then combined in a process in which the best pixels are identified and selected from the original images, these are then combined into a single final photograph.

As a result, the wide dynamic range of the scene has been captured without the blown out windows, the dark shadows and the high contrast of an average exposure. The final image shows a bright well lit scene revealing the window view and details throughout.

Sky Replacement

Sky Improvement or Replacement

Roll over the image with your mouse to see the difference that replacing the sky makes.

If only we could have beautiful blue skies every day! Unfortunately we are not that lucky, but that does not mean that your exterior image should suffer on grey, dark overcast days. During post processing a dull sky can be enhanced or replaced, removing the flat dull cold original, and creating a bright warm and inviting picture.

The entertaining area in the image looks much more inviting than the colder original image beneath it. The image with the replaced sky helps potential buyers envisage themselves sitting in the sun entertaining their guests and they are more likley to foster positve thoughts than those evoked from the original, yet still providing a true representation of the property.