Preparation Tips

Picture Perfect

Selling your home quickly and for the right price is all about attracting as many interested potential purchasers as possible and you have a key role to play!

Team work is required to attract the right buyers, your agent, your photographer and you all need to work together to create a stunning well styled home. Sometimes a composition can be improved by moving large pieces of furniture in the frame, however, the final image will always be improved greatly by simple cleaning and the tidying away of clutter. Less really is more and the team relies upon you to help make the space look its best.

So get the most out of your photographer, the more time they spend clearing away toasters and cables means less time spent on the photographic process.

To assist you in getting the most out of your professional photo shoot we have created a quick check list below which summaries the basic steps in preparing your property for a sale or rental photo shoot. To download a more comprehensive list please click on the pdf icon 'Preparing Your Home'.

Preparing Your Home
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General Tips

Advise us if your home contains valuable works of art that you need editing in the final images to make them unrecognisable .

Turn on all interior & exterior lights and lamps
Turn off all ceiling fans and televisions
De-clutter inside & out
Move all internal & external bins out of view
Clear away all children’s toys
Ensure all pets are contained out of sight

Inside The Home

When paying for professional photography, enhance images by ensuring the inside of your home looks as clean and tidy as possible.

Vacuum throughout
Remove ALL fridge door decorations
Clean all surfaces, cookers & cabinet doors
Ensure all bedrooms are tidy & beds are made
Clean all mirrors, shower screens & porcelain
Remove personal hygiene items & toothbrushes from view

Outside The Home

It is important that the main selling image, the front view of your home, is clear, bright, neat & tidy.

Do not park directly in front of the house
Sweep paths, patios and driveways
Tidy lawns, mow & edge
Trim overgrown shrubs & trees
Clean, cover or remove barbecues
Remove all garden tools, hoses & Sprinklers